Care & Maintenance

With the exception of living finishes, all Westbrass decorative finishes are protected by the strongest finish treatments available while maintaining their luxurious appearance. While some finishes are more durable than others, no finish is indestructible. Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and PVD Polished Brass finishes are the most durable. All other finishes are electroplated; some are then coated to enhance the gloss and durability. "Living" finishes are uncoated, designed to be exposed to the air and other elements, with the intention to age and change in their natural beauty. All of our finishes, plated and living, require some care in use.


Do not allow your product to come into contact with any cleansers fortified with ammonia, bleach, grease - cutters or other surfactant chemicals. Soft Scrub, Dawn Liquid Soap, Palmolive or any other combined cleaners contain certain chemical components that will dissolve and remove the finish's protective coating, and eventually the finish itself. Use only plain warm water and mild soap on a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using any sponge with a scouring pad to clean your product. It is not necessary to rub hard to remove spots.


An occasional application of Carnauba wax (without cleaners), like that found in Flitz Faucet Wax, Turtle Wax for Clear Coat Car Finishes or McGuire's Premium Wax, will enhance the finish lustre, reduce hard water spots and add an extra layer of protection to your finish.